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A propos de moi

I am Julien Chappuis (né Bidault), French guy living in Switzerland, married with one kid. I am proud to be in the 1.07% (2015 stats) of men marrying in Switzerland in 2015 who took the family name of their wife :). I discovered computing with an Amstrad CPC6128 in 1989, and never stopped since. My high school counselor told me I would never be able to work in IT since I studied Economics. Despite this insightful advice, I have been working in IT since 2005.

About my nickname “Jubijub” aka “Jubi”

My mother (although she denies it today) used to call me “Jubi” as a kid, which is the contraction of the two first letters of my first name and birth last name. Around 1990, I sneaked out in my parents office to try a game on Minitel (yep 😁) : it required a nickname, and the 9 year-old me had never thought of one at the time. I used the first thing that came to my mind, ie “Jubi”. Alas ! The “site” (or whatever you would call a minitel server page these days) required a longer one. I also did the first thing that came to my mind (remember, it was during the night, and I was afraid to get caught, as using a minitel cost the price of a phone landline call, plus some charges per minute of use) : I doubled it as “Jubijubi”. But I found it sounded a bit off, so I trimmed the last letter. In 1996, when I first got Internet at home, this nickname came back to me, and I have been using it ever since. It has a few drawbacks :

  • people misspell it all the time
  • I must admit it does sound a bit weird (in French and English alike)

But it has invaluable advantages :

  • Because it’s not a common nickname, a movie / historical / famous character name, nor a corporation / product name, nobody uses it, and it is almost always available whenever I need to register. By my estimations, we are less than 5 people in the world to use it, which is a pretty decent collision rate given around 3.7bn people use the internet.
  • It’s actually pronounceable in many languages

About this blog

This blog is kindly hosted by Gitlab pages, using Hugo Static website generator. I am using the theme Hugo Future Imperfect from Julio Pescador because my web design skills are inexistant.

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I am Julien Chappuis, formerly known as Julien Bidault a.k.a. Jubijub, or Jubi for shorts. It's complicated.