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New company, new country

New company, new country : moving to UK

Julien Chappuis

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It’s now official in the sense that all the affected people are aware: after close to 5 years at Nespresso and close to 3 years at Nestlé, I’m leaving the Nestlé group to join my 4th employer: Google, in London. I’ll start on August 6th.

Why Google

I’ve always worked for companies using IT to build something else : trucks or anything diesel engine based (Volvo), coffee (Nespresso), food & beverages (Nestlé). This will be my first opportunity to work for a company referring to production as building and delivering IT services. I’ll discover what it means to not be a support function.

One of the perks of my last job at Nestlé was that my management would always send me to Google events on behalf of my department. I got to attend DoubleClick Summit in Dublin, Marketing Next 2017 in San Francisco, and DLS summit in Amsterdam. I got out of every summit with a growing motivation to work for a company with that culture. It seems super fun to work there, and even if it is 10% as good as advertised, it’s bound to be awesome.

I got the opportunity to work with Google teams (the same London based people that will soon be my colleagues) during my role as Programmatic solutions manager so it’s going to be fun to see things from the other side of the table.

It’s a leap, but I am very much looking forward to learn new things, and be challenged.

London, UK

My wife and I always talked about the idea of living abroad. She has lived in US, Austria and Spain, and speaks 4 languages, so I was always confident she would adapt anywhere. I’m glad though she agreed to this adventure (the perspective of the job being based in London clearly helped 😃).

I’ll miss Switzerland: it’s a neat country, extremely well managed, and the quality of life there is amazing. I don’t expect to miss a lot of friends as London is 1h20 away from Geneva Airport, so visiting will be easy. But I am sure I will miss the lake, and specially that coastal road between Lausanne and Vevey. Commuting Lausanne - Vevey meant that I would see the sun rising on the Alps (reflecting on the lake), and the sun setting on the lake while driving back 1. Taking the train was equally as beautiful, with the track less than 2m from the lake, giving the impression the train rides on the lake.

But London, right? 2 I’m super happy to live in a big city again (London has roughly the population of Switzerland), with a lot to do and see. Cherry on the pie, it will also be a great opportunity for my son to learn English with a proper accent, which given his age shall take about 6 months 😢 (yes, I’m jealous of the learning power of a 3 year old kid 😉).

Now what?

Despite Brexit looming, UK is still part of the EU, which means that my wife and I spend most of our time in June doing a crazily detailed inventory of all our goods, as UK requires a full valued inventory, properly itemized (so you cannot get away with “1 box of clothes”). Google has offered me relocation services, so we are getting some nice help to organize all this, especially the move door to door, and finding a new apartment.

Speaking of apartments, we did a discovery trip early June to get a sense of London neighborhoods, as well as real estate market. I have only one message : aaaaaaaaaargh! 😱

The prices make Switzerland look like cheap and affordable, and generally speaking the quality of the apartments are very much subpar compared to Switzerland (in 2018, double glazing is still a luxury feature in a London apartment). Oh well, we’ll find something OK, close to a park (London parks are amazing), with a decent commute.

  1. before you think my work/life balance was down the drain at Nestlé, I didn’t necessarily witnessed either of these events every day. But in winter especially, it was not rare at all. [return]
  2. I’ll take careful care in this post to avoid any reference to Friends and “London, Baby !”. Oh well… [return]

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