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About me

I am Julien Chappuis (né Bidault), French guy living in UK, married to a Swiss woman, with one kid. I am proud to be in the 1.07% (2015 stats) of men marrying in Switzerland in 2015 who took the family name of their wife :). I discovered computing with an Amstrad CPC6128 in 1989, and never stopped since. My high school counselor told me I would never be able to work in IT since I studied Economics. Despite this insightful advice, I have been working in IT/Tech since 2005.

I hold an MBA on IT systems management from the IAE of Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, and a DBA from the University of Kent. Despite that business background, I’ve always acted as a bridge between technical and non technical people, due to the technical background acquired tinckering my computers (nothing teaches you about computing better than trying to fit drivers in 640kb of memory, or coding game launch menus in BASIC).

I currently work for Google where I am a Global Technology Partner, after several years at Nestlé, Nespresso and Volvo group.

My hobbies involve cooking, photography, coding, video games and building insanely fast watercooled data science rigs.

About my nickname “Jubijub” aka “Jubi”

My mother (although she denies it today) used to call me “Jubi” as a kid, which is the contraction of the two first letters of my first name and birth last name. Around 1990, I sneaked out in my parents office to try a game on Minitel (yep, I felt the power of the French internet competitor 😁) : it required a nickname, and the 9 year-old me had never thought of one at the time. I used the first thing that came to my mind, ie “Jubi”. Alas ! The “site” (or whatever you would call a minitel server page these days) required a longer login. I also did the first thing that came to my mind (remember, it was during the night, and I was afraid to get caught, as using a minitel cost the price of a phone landline call, plus some charges per minute of use) : I doubled it as “Jubijubi”. It sounded a bit off, so I trimmed the last letter. Jubijub was born.

In 1996, when I first got Internet at home via Infonie, after a few attempts at finding a unique nickname, this story came back to me, and I have been using “Jubijub” ever since.

“Jubijub” has a few drawbacks :

  • people misspell it all the time (jubjub, jujijub)
  • I must admit it does sound a bit weird (in French and English alike)

But it has invaluable advantages :

  • Because it’s not a common nickname, a movie / historical / famous character name, nor a corporation / product name, nor a common name / dictionnary word, nobody uses it. It is thus almost always available whenever I need to register somewhere. By my estimations, we are less than 5 people in the world to use it, which is a pretty decent collision rate given around 3.7bn people use the internet.
  • It’s actually pronounceable in many languages

About this blog

This blog is kindly hosted by Firebase, using source code hosting and CI/CD from Gitlab, using Hugo Static website generator. I am using the theme Hugo Future Imperfect Slim from Patrick Collins because my web design skills are non-existant. Authored using my fingers, and Visual Studio Code.

Many thanks to GitHub pages and GitLab pages who have hosted the earlier versions of this blog.

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I am Julien Chappuis, formerly known as Julien Bidault a.k.a. Jubijub, or Jubi for shorts. It's complicated.